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We invite you to indulge in our Suite of Services! All of our services are all scalable to fit your unique needs and requirements. We provide superior deliverables and strive to make all of our Clients happy and successful in their ongoing business efforts.

Nothing builds fantastic Returns on Investment (ROI) like sound marketing and branding strategies, great visual and online presence, and smart investments regarding services and products.  We are eager to help you reach your paramount success!

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Our Priority Services

  • Brand Development & Consultation
  • Web Development & Management
  • Book Cover Design & Publishing

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Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design services include creating professional and stunning graphics for a multitude of products including but not limited to flyers, business cards, palm c ards, presentations, marketing campaigns, posters, banners, billboards, website advertisements, and more! Our Graphic Design services are billed on an hourly basis according to the estimated time it takes to completely design the product. Revisions are allowed up to the point the client approves the product. Revisions required after the product is approved by the Client are billed separately as additional costs.

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Cost: $45 / hour (Graphic Design) | $15 / revision (Post-approval Revisions)

Brand Development

Our Brand Development services include the development of a Client Brand Strategic Plan in addition to a Client Brand Consultation meeting. The Client Brand Strategic Plan is developed by Moksha Media. Once the Strategic Plan is developed, a Brand Development Consultation Meeting is coordinated with the client to initiate the work needed to tailor the Client Brand Strategic Plan document and establish a Client brand that strategically aligns with the Client’s mission, purposes and vision. Thereafter, products and services provided by Moksha Media to meet the intent of the Client Brand Strategic Plan are billed separately as additional costs. Our Brand Development services commence with an insightful virtual or in-person initiation meeting.

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Cost: $200 (Initiation Meeting Fee) | $1100 (Client Brand Strategic Plan)

Brand Management

Our Brand Management services include the sustainment of the Client’s current brand by identifying additional strategic marketing tasks that firmly establish the Client’s brand. Brand Management tasks include but are not limited to the establishment of a review and approval process for the Client’s marketing items distributed to the general public, social media communications, website content, attendance and attire to business/social affairs, and more. A Brand Management Agreement is established by Moksha Media. The Brand Management Agreement reviewed, revised, and update per Client approval prior to Brand Management tasks commencing.

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Cost: $200 (initiation fee) | $5000 / year (Brand Management Services)

Public Relations (PR) Management

Our PR services include audience targeting, grassroots marketing, client messaging, promotions, social media marketing, and more. Depending on our clients' individual needs, we define tailored PR solutions that uniquely address specific client needs. Moksha Media further develops strategic PR marketing tactics including email campaigns, company literature and communications campaigns, and promotional materials development campaigns. Every PR Client that engage benefits from our keen and diligent abilities to build and maintain relationsips and reputation throughout all forms of media and communication.

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Cost: Determined by Definition PR solutions and approved Client PR Proposals

Business Development & Management

Our Business Consultation services include the consultation sessions that focus on branding, goalsetting, developing objectives, identifying creative sales tactics, connecting with a target audience, establishment of bylaws and articles of incorporation, and more. Throughout all consultation sessions action items are identified and status is maintained to track closure of those action items. Our Business Development Consultation sessions commence with an insightful virtual or in-person initiation meeting.

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Cost: $200 (Initiation Meeting Fee) | $195 (Per Session)

Book Publishing

Our Book Publishing services include book cover design, interior layout and typesetting, copy/content editing, printing preparation, and distribution with a print on demand option as well as online sales via Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

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Cost: $1200 (Cover Design, Interior Layout, Editing, Print Preparation)

Custom Website Development

Our Website Development services include establishment of the Client domain name, server space, content management software (CMS), templates, and content on an as needed basis. Our Website Development services are rendered per three (3) methods, depending on the Client needs:

Cost: See Below

  • Development in Part
  • By Itemized Invoice 
    (Client Needs Vary)
  • This option is for the Client who has already obtained, at a minimum, a website domain name and server space. Moksha Media will be responsible for loading CMS, templates and content on an as-needed basis. This option also applies to the Client who wants to redesign a website. Costs are provided based via a Client proposal developed by Moksha Media.

  • Development in Total
  • $1200 (Flat)
    (Client responsible for maintenance after development.)
  • This option is the Client who requires Moksha Media to obtain all necessary components to establish the website. After the website is developed and approved by the Client, the Client will be responsible for website maintenance. If Moksha Media is required to maintain the website after website approval and release, the new maintenance costs will be billed as new itemized tasks.

  • Development, Hosting & Maintenance in Total
  • $999 (Initial Website Development)
    + $39.95/mo. (Continual Maintenance Plan)
  • This option is for the Client who desires to have a website completely hosted and maintained in the confidence of Moksha Media. After the website is developed and approved by the Client, Moksha Media will be responsible for website maintenance. Moksha Media guarantees response to each Client’s Service Request within 48 hours of receipt. Moksha Media will also host the Client's website on a continual basis.


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