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Whether you are an entertainer, business owner, nonprofit agent, politician, or any other type of business person seeking to make your presence known in the marketplace, a crisp and professional Media Kit will do the trick! So what’s in your Media Kit? ANYTHING WORTHY OF PUBLIC ATTENTION FOR YOUR CURRENT EFFORTS…

When you produce a Media Kit…let’s be clear…you are doing it to evoke some residual action from those who receive it. That can be the sale of your products and services. It can be financial support for a pitch to corporate entities to fund your upcoming efforts. It might also be a solicitation for donated funds, items, or sponsorships for nonprofit efforts.

Over the years, I have worked with several clients to create media kits for their entrepreneurial efforts. They have primarily been authors who have sought to build their brand, and place their literary works on book shelves and within events that cater to their target markets. On a personal tip, I have created my own sponsorship packets for nonprofit fundraising events. They have always proven to be very successful.

If you are a business owner or a public figure, you CANNOT forget about your press kit...IT IS A “MUST-HAVE” ITEM. I can almost certainly guarantee that if you don’t have one, you are likely to be unsuccessful with your endeavors. So here is what you need to include within your Media Kit, at a minimum:


  • If you have a logo, it must be included. A press kit is an extension of your brand.
  • Clearly state your motto, tagline, vision, mission statements, etc. In fact, consider putting your tagline on your Media Kit cover page, along with your logo.
  • Include a bio page. Spotlight yourself as the owner, creator, founder, etc.
  • Think about including a media alert page. This is a page specifically scoped to a particular significant occurrence linked to your business. Perhaps you have a newly developed product line that has received local acclaim. Create buzz about it! Take it to the next level…
  • Provide high level descriptions about your products or services. Also describe your target markets and how you can benefit them. If you are creating a Media Kit for fundraising efforts, describe the primary events associated with your fundraising efforts as well as the beneficiaries of your efforts.
  • Include FAQs (frequently asked questions) so that the reader of media kit gains more insight about you and your efforts

There are a host of other pages that may be added to your Media Kit, but the key is to include only pertinent information that will keep the reviewer engaged, and interested in knowing more about you and your products and services.

A Media Kit is well worth the effort! Depending on your marketing budget, be prepared to spend anywhere from $250 to $400 for a solid Media Kit design. Cost varies depending on the intricacy of design as well as the number of pages required. And most importantly, once your media kit is done, DO NOT FORGET ABOUT IT! Your media kit is a living document. At the very least, you will be updating it once every year or two to keep it fresh! Also keep in mind that your media kit should be available in digital format on your website.

Interested in knowing more about Media Kits? See some examples of Media Kits that I have developed. Inquiries welcome…



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